Basic requirements for the care of artificial nails

Special gentle nail varnish remover. 100% acetone free and amply

Use sparingly, applying to nails with a cellulose or cotton wool pad to remove nail varnish.

Professional file
Course to fine nail file for artificial and natural nails. The file is washable.

File to shorten and shape artificial and natural nails.

Very fine, convenient small nail file blending in the artificial nail tip to the natural nail and for  filing sensitive natural nails..
Carefully blend in the artificial nail tip to the natural nail. File natural nails in one direction only.

Nail adhesive containing cyanacrylic. For repairing broken nails, and for applying, and repairing damage to artificial nails.
Warning: Protect fingers and eyes from contact with this adhesive. Keep away from children.

Apply in drops and press the parts together briefly.

Special undercoat for smoothing uneven nail surfaces and as a base coat for stressed nails.

Apply one or more coats, allow to dry. Then apply coloured nail varnish.

Super Hardener
Acrylic-based hardener for sealing artificial nails and for protecting nail varnish.

Apply one or two coats of Super Hardener as a clear varnish to artificial and natural nails. To protect coloured nail varnish, apply one coat on top of the coloured varnish.

Polishing file
A specially fine file for polishing artificial and natural nails.

Polish the nail in swift strokes with the different sides of the file.. Basic requirements for the care of artificial nails

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