Nail decoration and nail make-up

Decorative stripes in various attractive shades for application to nails.
Application: Cut the stripes to the desired length, position them on the still wet nail varnish andseal with Top Coat.

Decorative rhinestones in various colours and sizes
Application: Use a rosewood stick to position the rhinestones on the still wet nail varnish, then cover with Top Coat.

Nail White Pen
Special white pen to brighten up nail tips and make them more visually attractive.
Application: Dampen the tip of nail white pen and apply to the underside of the nail.

French Manicure
A 3-varnish-set, consisting of a basic nail varnish (beige), a nail tip varnish (white) and a covering varnish (pink), for a special polishing technique
Application: Apply a coat of basic varnish over the whole surface of the nail and allow to dry. Apply the nail tip varnish to the nail tip, and use the covering varnish to seal the whole nail.

French Manicure Stencils
Stick-on stencils to facilitate the French manicure technique.
Application: Stick onto the dry nail, polish the nail, then remove stencil again.

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