Intensive treatment and regeneration

Nail Regenerator
Special regenerator on a purely plant basis. Myrrh, calcium and vitamins A, E and F help to promote nail growth.
Application: Massage sparingly into nails and cuticles, daily at first, then weekly, once the structure of the nail has improved.

Nail Building Concentrate
An oil-free nail treatment with calcium and keratin to build up and strengthen nails. Silk proteins and vitamin H provide the nails with essential reconstructive compounds and promote healthy nail growth.
Application: Apply to clean nails and allow to soak in. Once dry, nail varnish can be applied as usual.

Ampoule treatment
Intensely effective regenerative preparation that stimulates and revitalise the metabolism of nails and skin. Contains D-panthenol, vitamins and proteins.
Application: Break off the neck of the ampoule carefully and massage half of the contents into the skin and nails of one hand. Massage the remaining half into the other hand. For an intensive treatment use daily over a period of ten day, then weekly.

Hand Mask
High quality collagen product with vitamins, elastins, D-panthenol and L-bisabolol. Tones and enhances the structure of the skin.
Application: Apply a thin layer of the mask to hands and fingers and allow to take effect for about 10 minutes. Massage in the residue or dab off with a tissue.

Containing shea butter, panthenol and bisabolol, Reposan protects, soothes, and heals stressed hands.
Application: Apply a thin layer to the hands several times a day. For an intensive treatment, massage in at night and allow to take effect under gloves.

Repair Formula
This special blue gel accelerates the regeneration process in damaged nails.
Application: Apply several times a day to the whole nail area and massage in gently.

Natural Care System
To seal and strengthen natural nails. The rich cream is worked into the natural nail sealing the surface and making it water resistant. Also ideal for sealing the transitions from artificial to natural nails. Contains carrot oil, D-panthenol and proteins.
Application: Use the polishing file to work Natural Care System into the nail or to smooth the transition from the artificial nail. Wipe off residue. Use the fine side of the file and the oil to give the nail surface a highly polished finish.

Crystal Sealing
With a combination of special files and a mineral file, the edges of natural nails are effectively protected against splitting and tearing, and the nail surface is thoroughly sealed.
Application: Shape the nails and smooth the nail surface carefully using the mineral file, thereby providing the nail with strengthening minerals. Cleanse the nail surface with the CLEAN file. Repeat these two steps at a maximum every six weeks. Use the CONDITION file to achieve a very fine smooth surface and seal in the mineral components. Then polish the nail to a sheen with the SHINE sealing file, thus sealing the nail surface off completely from harmful environmental influences. Finally, treat the cuticles with the nail care pen.

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