Special Hand and Nail Care Products

Hand Cream
Highly effective non-oily hand cream with structure-enhancing active ingredients. Keeps skin supple and prevents stressed hands from becoming rough.
Application: Use sparingly, massaging into the hands, several times a day if necessary.

Hand and Nail Fluid
Treatment formula with vitamin E, calcium,
D-panthenol and keratin for hands and nails.
Application: Apply to hands and nails several times a day.

Hand and Body Care with Soya Protein
Hand and Body Care is a rich cream formula for the whole body. Keeps the skin supple and gives it a lasting velvety feel.
Application: Apply to the whole body after a shower or bath.

Anti Age
Special treatment for sensitive skin, with jojoba oil, collagen and plant extract.
Thanks to its select active ingredients, Anti Age firms the skin and visibly rejuvenates stressed hands.
Application: Anti Age should be used on a regular basis. Can be massaged into the skin several times a day.

Nail Cream
Special vitamin and protein rich nail cream.
Strengthens the nail surface and stimulates nail growth. Prevents both nails and cuticles from drying and splitting.
Application: Massage into the nails and cuticles once or twice a week.

Nail Oil
Biological nail oil containing vitamins A, E and F and various proteins. Revitalises the cuticles, making them supple and preventing tearing by dissolving hard skin.
Application: Massage daily into cuticles and nails.

Nail Care Pen
Practical nail care for your handbag. Its revitalising vitamins and proteins prevent cuticles from tearing and keep nails supple.
Application: Paint on to cuticles and nails daily as often as required.

Special Nail Hardener with calcium
For strengthening and stabilising natural nails.
Application: Apply a thin coat of the special nail hardener to the nail before varnishing.

Cuticle Remover
PH-neutral cuticle remover which gently dissolves superfluous hard skin.
Application: Apply to the cuticles and allow to soak in for a few minutes. Carefully scrape off superfluous skin using a rosewood stick.

Exfoliating Cream
Modern wash peeling with citric acid. Exfoliating cream removes dead skin cells gently but thoroughly. The lather base and citric acid account for the peeling’s cleansing and refreshing effect.
Application: Apply to the wet skin, working in with circular movements, then shower off. In case of severe hard skin, apply Exfoliating Cream to the dry skin, disperse with circular movements, then wash off.

Peeling Cream
Specially for hands and arms. Gently removes dead cells from the surface of the skin.
Application: Massage a walnut-sized quantity of cream into the wet skin of the hands or arms for two minutes, using circular movements. Wash off residue with warm water.

Hand Massage Oil
Skin-enhancing oil for hands and arms. Enriched with vitamin E and proteins, this oil tangibly improves the skin’s structure, intensifying its capacity to absorb other care preparations by stimulating the blood circulation.
Application: Apply the oil generously to hands and arms and massage in for about 10 minutes.

Hand Bath Fluid
Special hand bath with proteins, vitamins and special oils. Cleanses thoroughly and revitalises the skin.
Application: Dilute the fluid in hot water (ratio 1:10 parts) and soak hands and nails in the solution for about 10 minutes.

Antiseptic Nail Cream
Nail care cream with vitamins and proteins that protect the nails from bacterial infection. For preventive care and for nails that come into in regular contact with fluids.
Apply the antiseptic nail cream to nails and cuticles and massage in.

Prevents bacterial infection of nails and nail bed. In cases of bacterial infection, Antiseptikum promotes the healing process.
Application: Paint Antiseptikum onto the edges and underneath part of the nail daily, more frequently in the case of artificial nails.

Nail Active
Rich moisturising care for nails and cuticles with refreshing camphor and an effective vitamin and protein complex.
Application: Apply to nails and cuticles as often as required.

Nail Bitter
Contains an effective bitter ingredient that helps to discourage nail biting.
Application: Apply Nail Bitter to nails once a day and allow to soak in.

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