Varnishes, polishing aids and corrective varnishes

Nail Polish
Protective, quick dry nail varnish.
Application: Shake vigorously before use.
Apply two even coats of nail varnish. Replace lid tightly after use.

Base Coat
Special base coat with a milky consistency, for use under coloured nail varnish.
Application: Apply a thin coat to the nail, allow to dry briefly, then apply coloured nail varnish.

Satin Finish

Base or top coat of clear nail varnish for a shimmering velvety finish.
Application: Apply over coloured nail varnish or directly to the nail.

Top Coat
Nail varnish for use over coloured nail varnishes. Enhances the brilliance and lengthens the life of coloured nail polish.
Application: Apply Top Coat over coloured nail varnish.

Speed Dry
Quick dry top coat. Speed Dry is a new generation nail polish dryer that takes effect very quickly, sealing the nail varnish layer.
Application: Apply Speed Dry after the nails have been coated with nail varnish. For it to harden, allow approx. 2 minutes between the application of the nail varnish and the Speed Dry.

Diamond Base
A whole new kind of nail hardener. Its built in net-like diamond particle system strengthens the nail by covering it with a robust, protective, scratch resistant and extremely durable film. The special satin effect is extremely eye-catching, either as a nail varnish or a coloured coat.
Application: Apply a base coat of Diamond Base before applying coloured nail varnish.
If used as a natural nail polish, apply one or two coats, according to the desired visual effect.

Two Phase Coat
Two in One, a clear nail polish phase and a treatment phase. Containing wheat germ oil, vitamin E and D-panthenol
Application: Shake the Two Phase Coat vigorously before use in order to mix the phases. This produces a reaction necessary for the film to harden. Apply Two Phase Coat once as a base coat and allow to dry completely, then apply nail varnish.
If used as a protective nail treatment, Two Phase Coat should be applied twice.

LCN Concept Nails Lipstick
Intensely moisturising lipsticks, specially adapted to match the nail varnish programme.
Application: Apply lipstick to the dry lips, dab once, then apply a second layer.

Special solution for thinning and restoring nail varnishes
Application: Add drops of thinner to the nail varnish and shake vigorously.

Nail polish blemish remover
A remover pen with a cartridge impregnated with special nail varnish remover. For easy removal of residue nail varnish. Used tips can be replaced.
Application: Dab with the tip of the pen to remove spots of nail varnish.

Quick Dry Spray
Bottle with pump atomiser, free of CFC or similar agents.
Application: Spray onto wet nail varnish from a distance of 20 centimetres.

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