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Monthly Archives: October 2023

No more sweaty armpits. Try these 5 tips.

Are you tired of covering up sweat stains in your armpits? And manage it every day. Summer and sweating go together. Although it is normal to sweat a little, and does not cause major problems. But excessive sweating is a concern. It can soak your favorite shirt or dress. And visible

Techniques for drying underwear correctly

Drying Underwear is an item that must be worn close to the body. It is therefore very important to keep them clean and in good condition at all times. One of the ways to preserve your underwear to make it last longer is to dry your underwear

Can we leave washed clothes in the washing machine overnight?

We’ve probably all had experiences with forgetting clothes in the washing machine until the next morning. When this happens, it is normal for your clothes to smell musty. This is due to the growth of bacteria overnight. Is it possible to throw away wet cloths? Or put clothes