Expired medicine, how do you see it? 

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Expired medicine, how do you see it? Is it dangerous to eat or not?

Observing the expiration date of medications is the same principle as food. or everyday products that we are familiar with In general, the expiration date will depend on the type of medicine, for example, tablets are no more than 5 years old and liquid pills are 2-3 years from the date of manufacture. However, the expiration date may vary. The manufacturer will consider the chemicals used. stability test data or different components in each company. 

Which will find the production date manufacturing date or mfd. date and expiration date exp. date, exp, expiring, use by or use before. Expired medicine sometimes use. These can be found on the pill box, pill label, or on the blister pack. The location is usually the area. The pill side, or on the pill pack, is usually located at the bottom of the box. or below the label

For reading the expiration date in Thai style Can start from day, month, year, may be B.E. or B.E., but if there is only month and year, count the last day of that month. is the expiration date e.g. exp. date 27/2/2012 means February 27, 2012 or exp. date 17.2.13 means February 17, 2013 or exp.04/14 means April 30. 2014 etc. Report from https://ufabet999.com

Packaged drug section or drugs that have activate

If enable Or bring medicines to share from the original container. Such as pills or creams that labele from a large jar. Potion in plastic bottle will result in a change in the expiration date of the drug Not an expiration date set by the manufacturer. The expiration date of these drugs must set a new expiration date. By counting from the repacking date for 1 year.

Which, if received from a medical facility, is repackaged for 1 year. Which, if received from a medical facility, will specified as well. Therefore, if the drug is left at home, do not know. When it will expire. If it is not written, it may determined from the date on the drug label or packet indicating the date received. If the pill is more than 1 year or the liquid pill is more than 6 months, throw it away and do not continue to use.

However it is found that even less than 1 year. Before the deadline. But the pill deteriorate, the pill is sifted, the pill has change color, the pill has a wrong smell, stinks. And not shaken into one homogeneous mixture. Or layered cream should discard in a separate hazardous waste bin only.

In another case, there are surplus drugs that are available in the household,

Either prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Medications that the patient has not taken as prescribed by the doctor Drugs used for symptomatic treatment, but currently do not have such symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, or are duplicate drugs. The drug should not shared with family members or others. Although the symptoms are similar to those we used to get sick, but the symptoms will be similar to those we used to get sick, but the symptoms of the disease, the age of the patient, the drug allergy of each person are different. May have an adverse effect on the use of drugs, so should consult a pharmacist at the drug store. Or seeing a doctor for diagnosis will have a positive effect on the treatment of symptoms.