You need to start taking care of your health

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Why ? You need to start taking care of your health according to your age right now.

1. It can use as a guideline or plan for preventing the health of yourself and your loved ones and family members appropriately for each individual. And most importantly, it will be a way to make it safe from various diseases. Lifestyle habits such as diet, nutrient balance, stress, rest and contaminants in the environment around you. If something goes wrong in your body, it can be corrected in a timely manner. Prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases from lifestyle behaviors 2 important groups of diseases not to cause eczema or spread until it is difficult to treat, including

1) Chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs; Non-communicable Diseases) such as diabetes, dementia, cancer, chronic kidney disease, cirrhosis (fatty liver), cardiovascular disease. (high blood pressure coronary artery disease hyperlipidemia), chronic respiratory disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease emphysema), allergies

2) Metabolic Syndrome, such as abdominal obesity, pre-diabetes (Prediabetes), including insulin resistance (Has always been addicted to sweets. Symptoms of abnormally fluctuating blood sugar levels) Leptin resistance (No matter how much you eat, you won’t be full. Eat more and more and need food that provides higher energy than normal people (except laborers and bodybuilders))

2. Reduce the loss that will occur. because if you recognize from observing abnormal symptoms that should not happen to you at different ages Or know from regular health checks to reduce the risk of developing various diseases. Reduce the loss of a lot of money in medical treatment.

3. Make a good quality of life. If you are healthy, your mental health will follow. family problems economic problems will decrease able to work efficiently

4. Age-related health monitoring is a stimulus and supportive update of age-appropriate health care knowledge. And the knowledge of health care, including technology or health innovation, has changed according to the era in different ages. yours too that you may apply to take care of your health more effectively at UFABET.

Live a life that has “Healthy at any age”

Possible and everyone should be from birth to womb. Childhood to the elderly you can do Because this will lead you to have a good quality of life. increase the chances of success Pride in all areas of life and you can Starting from changing lifestyle habits, including choosing useful nutrition. exercise knowledgeable health care improving mental health annual health check-up And of course, each stage of your life will be treated differently in detail. 

That is the key for self-care to reduce the likelihood of health problems for a long time. If you want guidance on healthy lifestyle choices would like to part of delivering to you and your family each healthcare. “Life stages” with additional advice on health care and nutrition. to help take care of your health so that you can understand and see the initial picture We would like to start by dividing the age groups as follows:

0-9 months = pregnancy until delivery
postpartum-11 months = infancy (lactation)
1-4 years = early childhood (starting balance and movement skills)

5-12 years old = early childhood
13-19 years old = adolescence
20-29 years old
30-39 years old
40-49 years old
50 years old and over