Emerson believes Rudiger will retire after not signing a new contract

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Paul Merson believes Antonio Rudiger will leave Chelsea at the end of his contract at the end of the season.

The German centre-back has been a key player under Thomas Tuchel but a new contract is yet to come.

That means Rudiger can leave the Bosmans at the end of the season, putting Chelsea at risk of one of the best defenders at the time

, Merson believes Rudiger will not. Made a new contract with “Sing the Blues”, even now becoming an important player of the team,

“Chelsea will miss Rudiger for sure when he leaves. Because it will cost 60-70 million pounds to find someone to replace him,” said Emerson.

“Rudiger will definitely leave the team. If he wanted to renew the contract, he would have continued for a long time. There is no chance that he will stay with the team at all.”

Merson also sees Rudiger appearing to leave the club not Tuchel’s fault, but something the player has long intended.

“But it’s not Tuchel’s fault, I think he made the decision to leave the moment Frank Lampard dropped him,

” he said. Tuchel has him back on the pitch, and winning the Champions League, Rudiger hasn’t forgotten

. And some teams will spend big money to get him to join the team

. Kle should have figured out who he’s going to replace.”

“Not many world-class centre-backs ready to move. And those who are able to move have to invest a bit more.”

“So I don’t understand when clubs let players’ contracts count down like this. It doesn’t make sense at all and it pisses me off.”