Barcelona deadline “Dembele” at the end of the year

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There are media reports, the famous Sport revealed that Barcelona will try to offer a new contract to Usman Dembele wing a good team, a final deadline on year-end racing age of 24 years.

The club is in the final stages of a contract with the club that expires in 2022. as the club seeks to expedite contract negotiations to avoid losing their 148 million euros (€148m) player. Go for free, Mateo Alemani

, the current director of the team. Have negotiated with representatives of the players over the past month. While the owner himself has expressed a clear desire to stay with the club. Rather, it was his agent who tried to negotiate a large amount of money. until the last offer was rejected

Believe that the main problem is that in terms of wages that Barcelona want to reduce a lot. And switch to a form of bonuses based on performance on the field instead. 

The players themselves have the opportunity to earn the highest wages in the team. If they meet most of the conditions.

But at the same time, Dembele was offered a large sum of money from other clubs. Which is more than Barcelona can give.

Barcelona decided to try to make a final offer and want a response from the players before December 31 and if no answer come back The club will come to the conclusion that the player wants to leave as a free agent after his contract expires in the summer.