“Gerrard ” Happy, the team responded well

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Aston Villa manager Stephen Gerrard has been delighted with the response his players have received following their win over Leicester City and hopes to beat former club Liverpool next week.

British coach Still doing an excellent job after leading the team to win the open house. “Blue Foxes” under the team of former boss Brendan Rodgers 2-1, they won the third match of four games, moving up to 10th in the table.

“You have to kick every ball. ball on the sideline It’s a very difficult and even game. You can see both sides of us, in the first 45 minutes we lost the ball a lot and were too open. But in the second half our players were all great,” Gerrard told Sky Sports after the game.

“I think Leicester started very well and we were too calm. When we paid, there were many careless moments. So we tell these true stories to the players. And a response like this is what we want, “

” goal, we still have not canceled VAR to see several pages ago. Of course, as the manager of Aston Villa, I was very frustrated. But when they see several times and we have to respect the decision, “

” said Martinez is harder than in the first half and we started as a team to get better in the second half. He made good saves with the header. Against the big teams like Leicester the opportunity that they once considered good, “

” collected nine points from 12 to constitute a very good player. They deserve a lot of credit. There are still many tasks for the team. Some things need further development.”

“I don’t have any thoughts about the mood before the game against Liverpool next week, I just want to go there to win. We will go with confidence and faith. We just want to make it as difficult as possible.”According to a report ufabet.