How to play 3 piles of card games

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Many people may not be familiar with the word game of 3 piles, how are 3 stacks of cards and how to play? Today I would like to introduce whether playing 3 cards is difficult or not. What kind of game is it like in an online game? how to play Today we will find the answer.

3 pack card game can be played with a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 2 players. Starting from a three-pack card game, there is a 3-5-5 card arrangement, that is, the top row can place 3 cards and must have the least points. The middle row holds 5 cards and must be more than the top row and less than the bottom row. Finally, the bottom row must have more points than the middle and top rows.

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It will be in the top row, middle row and bottom row by having friends arrange cards from the bottom row first. Because the bottom row must be the card that has the most points. Most of them are popular as four cards, bark cards, or sequential cards. Later, the second row or the middle row has less points than the row. bottom but must have more points

The top row, for example, if the bottom row is a four. The middle row must be four or bark. If straight flush is arranged, it cannot be confirmed. If the timer expires, the system will automatically arrange the top row, which is the most popular one, or the best is three cards. but if in the eye We got really bad cards so we could place high cards. สมัคร UFABET