“I am beautiful” about beauty that beautiful people don’t say

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“I am beautiful” about beauty that beautiful people don’t say

I used to think for fun that if one day Most people in the world are beautiful. Maybe normal faces like us will become rare. and become the new beauty standard turn around like that

Some people are born really beautiful, really, the kind that are born. Heavenly Socket or God’s Love Child Some people grow up. Whether through the knife Or discover how to take care of yourself and know how to recruit the right things for yourself. All kinds of beauty that cause BEAUTY STANDARD create disparities and trauma problems through various bullies in the social world.

Why does everyone have to be beautiful!! If there were no normal-looking people. How would you know. That this was call? On the other hand, beauty or wanting to Since. When did it become a problem for others?

Beauty that comes with prejudice

If you’ve really heard these words, it’s another angle that’s about to say Beauty comes with great responsibility. That if person comes out to tell probably won’t get much sympathy

Beautiful people are often stupid : in terms of work It’s not fair that a person is both beautiful and smart. But it really exists that God gave everything in one person. In fact No one knew that they might struggle to gain as much recognition as they did on the outside. And it’s easy to judge by others if they make a mistake. Beautiful people may forgiven more easily. But there will be some deep bias in trying to find the flaw in perfection.

Pretty people are gullible : If it’s about love Of course, beauty attracts more opportunities for love. more likely to flirted and more likely to make mistakes because people. Who come in may be overly impressed. The beautiful woman doesn’t know exactly. Why she was approached. The first hypothesis is because of beauty. which may not be the true essence of who she is. On the other hand, there are many beautiful people who no one flirt with. because he thinks that this kind of beautiful person Definitely won’t flirt Or must there be many options?

Beautiful people tend to be arrogant : Why can’t they just look indifferent when they’re beautiful? It’s like the whole world expects beautiful people to smile all the time. I know I’m being look at if I smile back Maybe it’s considered good. Beautiful and good-natured Maybe it’s seen that they have the heart to go that way. But when you make a blank face, the accusation of being beautiful and arrogant will immediately be placed on your forehead.

The Maksan : “Prettier, what are you doing?” It has become normal to be greeted with this word. Maybe it’s just a greeting and a compliment. Cosmetic surgery is not uncommon. Taking care of yourself is something you should do. But many times words like this may not come from genuine admiration, but from finding at ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

Beauty is not a mistake

Ever since time immemorial, loving beauty is normal human nature. in both females and males It is undeniable that male beauty also has certain standards: tall, slender, well built, a prominent nose, and nice teeth. Just describing the appearance. The image of a handsome man is fill with imagination. But at the same time, women’s standards of beauty have changed with the times.

Ancient Greece : A woman is a woman of good health. plump body looks like a wealthy man and white skin

Han Dynasty China : A beautiful woman is characterize by a thin build, pale skin, and small feet.

Renaissance : It was the golden age of plump women, big hips, round stomachs, and blonde hair.

20’s : Popular women with flat chest, short bob hair, shaped more like a boy than a woman.

1930s : The Golden Age of Hollywood woman needs an hourglass figure, big breasts, a narrow waist, like Marilyn Monroe.

1980’s : A beautiful woman is model-like, strong, and proportionately tall. and have some muscle

1990s : Kate Moss was the idol of today’s women. having a sense of self, being thin