JK praises “Nat”, the pace of progress is second only to “Levan”

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has hailed Nat Phillips as having developed second only to former team Robert Lewandowski Phillips.

An important part in the “Reds” army last season. After they have to face the crisis of the injury of the defensive line. Which gives this football player the opportunity to enter the field,

however, the 24-year-old footballer has not been able to field much this season. And is believed to want to move there in January,

but Klopp also praised Phillip Island have developed a wonderful close to a former student at Levante dot Levski

“I have to talk to Nancy. Phillips,” he said.

“People always ask which player has improved the most under my team. And I must say, Robert Lewandowski.”

“That might be true. But who followed closely was Nat Phillips, just in a different way.”

“I remember when I first met Nat Phillips, I spoke to him after the game and he was one of the smartest players I’ve worked with. You’re not the most impressive?’”

“He’s improved a lot from then and he hasn’t played. But sometimes life isn’t fair and I can’t blame him.”

“We can’t keep him forever. It’s already clear We need him another half year for peace of mind. We’ll see what happens in the transfer market. He’s okay with it because he’s a great guy.”

“His development is crazy. You saw it last season and you were probably thinking, ‘Nat Phillips, fuck it, is he going to play last at the back?'”

“People liked him from his headers. But playing with his feet was incredible. He was a slow starter but his progression was incredible. I am ready to sign him for all teams except Liverpool because we already have him.”