“Mo Salah” Happy Barcelona are interested, but if they can choose

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Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah admits he is happy to hear that Barcelona are interested but if he can choose to stay at the current club.

The 29-year-old is considered a The most important person in the “Reds” army after scoring 19 goals and providing 9 assists from 20 games in all competitions However, his contract runs until 2023 and the situation in negotiations remains unclear.

Recently News has come out to talk about the matter, along with news of interest from other clubs.

“I have read that Xabi is interested in signing me. A club like Real Madrid are interested in me is happy about that, “Salah told the MBC

“. But I’m still happy with Liverpool so we’ll see what happens in the future. Now I would rather stay in the Premier League because this is the strongest league in the world.”

“I’ve been told many times that if the decision is up to me. I would like to stay with Liverpool but the decision is in the hands of the management and they have to deal with

it. This depends on them.”

“Your financial value shows how much the club values ​​you. And they’ll do whatever it takes to make you stay. But this decision was not only based on money alone “

” It still has many ambitions, as a team, the coach and what he wants to do with the team and the players he wants. These are all important points when it comes to making decisions.”