Patrick is disappointed in the golden of ‘Ayew’ meets a big team

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Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has criticized Jordan Ayew ‘s golden chance, believes the draw is the best. After the game Castle Ruean Kaew invaded and lost to Manchester United 1-0.

“I think the game should be equal. Neither side creates too many opportunities. When we have the opportunity from Jordan Ayew and can’t do it when we face big teams. You will be punished, in games like this you have to score those goals,” Vieira said after the game

. Working very hard when not in possession of the ball. But the striker is well settled that a number of opportunities and doors, I was really disappointed because we should have scored today, “

” I think we did not play enough to get by. We are missing many players today. Lack of confidence in possession of the ball We don’t play like we used to.”

We wanted to defend well first because of the individual quality of the United team. We knew that we could expose them and on the other side I think we didn’t create enough because we didn’t use the goal well enough. I think in the first half, and even in the second half, I think there were more opportunities for us to find those players in between the lines. I think we we weren’t brave enough in possession. And this is one of the frustrations that I had about the game today is that we didn’t use the ball like we used to well enough to give them more problems.

with their new manager We don’t know how they will play. But we are prepared to play in our own style. When you look at their opportunities I think the draw is probably the most fair.”