‘Rangnick’ accepts Man utd , can do better than expected

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Ralph Rangnick is very pleased with Manchester United‘s performance and admits it was better than expected. Ready to emphasize that sweep more clean sheets and create more chances to score goals

The German coach made his debut against Crystal Palace, where they started brilliantly as the side with more possession and created chances,

but United had to wait until 77 minutes for the winner. With Fred leading the team to a 1-0 win and keeping a clean sheet that Rangnick needed,

He admitted he was very pleased with the form of the “Red Devils” who had only trained once. And also admire the diligence of Cristiano Ronaldo when not in possession of the ball.

“I was very happy with the team playing, especially in the first half. It’s an excellent press. The only thing missing is a score of 1-0 or 2-0,” Rangnick said.

“Our defense, we’ve been in control of the whole game, clean sheets are the most important

thing, ” he said. We have to keep the clean sheet. I’m very satisfied since I only practiced once and did a lot better than expected.”

“We try to be in control of the game and never lost control of the game but may be waived in the last 5 minutes period beyond that, we tried to push them away from the entrance gate of us, “

” We want to play in Division Two, in particular. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo’s diligence without the ball, thumbs up.”

Speaking of the winning goal Fred scored, Rangnick replied: “I had to ask the assistant. The coach said that Fred shot with his right foot? I think he can only shoot with his left foot. I’m happy with him.”

“It’s always easier to build on things after you’ve been successful. We have to keep more clean sheets and do better by creating chances for our attackers. Overall I am very satisfied with our performance today.”