Toney admits worst season But I’m confident enough help England

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Toney admits to worst season But I’m confident enough to help England become stronger than before.

  • Toney is serving an eight-month ban for his involvement in gambling during his playing days in the minor leagues.
  • The latest 12 games in the Premier League last season He couldn’t score any goals.

Ivan Toney, England striker for Brentford I admit.

That I had a difficult season. But at the same time, he doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for what happened to him either.

The 28-year-old striker returns to action for the first time in January 2024 after serving a lengthy suspension. His form has not yet hit the mark, scoring only 4 goals and in the final 12 games he has not scored at all. However, he is still good enough to be included in the England national team as the team’s centre-forward alongside Harry Kane and Ollie Watkins. Who admitted it was a difficult time for him over the past season.

“It is very difficult but let’s move on. Of course, England have many great strikers. But I believe the manager saw something in me that I could bring something to make the team even better. It has not been an easy season. But I believe in my ability.”

“I have spoken to Southgate about what happened to me.

(About being banned) For me, I’m a person ยูฟ่าเบท who doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for what happened to me. I don’t want many messages because what happened is what I made it happen. And I have to take responsibility for it, it’s what I have to do. Life must move on. There are many people in the most dire situations. But you also have to get through it. I do the same thing.”

“I joined the national team this time. I am looking forward to the opportunity in front of me to play in a major national tournament and hope I can do well,” Toney said.