“Varane” vows to protect ghost history – return success to the team

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Manchester United defender Rafael Varane insists he will try to defend the club’s history. and bring the team back to success

The France centre-back just moved from Real Madrid to Old Trafford last summer. and became the main character in the team’s defensive line immediately

The 28-year-old footballer is currently in remission. After suffering a hamstring injury in early November.

Varane revealed he felt the club’s warmth following his move in. and insists on fighting to protect the team’s history

“It is important for this club to be at the top. And I’m sure fans will remember when the team returns to the top,” he told The Telegraph.

“It’s a huge challenge. And that’s the challenge that drives me.”

“I’ve won all the competitions [at Real Madrid] so maybe I’m looking for a new feeling. to protect history You have to fight for something bigger than yourself. You have to fight for the club, the fans and the history. It’s very important.”

“If you look at it from the outside You’ll see how much respect this club has for legends and history. Now I can feel it from the inside and I know what it feels like to be a Manchester United player, everyone respects each other. and I felt the warmth I feel that everyone here is equal. No one is different.”According to a report ufabet.