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Expired medicine, how do you see it? 

Expired medicine, how do you see it? Is it dangerous to eat or not? Observing the expiration date of medications is the same principle as food. or everyday products that we are familiar with In general, the expiration date will depend on the type of medicine, for example,

5 “fat” foods that are good for the heart

I believe that many people should already know that. High-fat diets hurt the heart in stages. because it is the cause of high blood fat fat clogged arteries Until increasing the risk of various diseases Related to the heart and blood vessels that are quite fatal, but wait! We also have

6 misconceptions about “birth control”

According to statistics reported by the Department of Health, it was found that in the past 10 years. There were more women who became pregnant prematurely. (Before the age of majority or under 20 years of age) up to 12,000 people. And 12% have repeated unintended

11 ways to control “diabetes” to be under control

diabetics How should I eat? Dietary principles for people with diabetes It is not different from the principles of healthy eating for the general public. But it is a complete diet, in the right proportions, in the right amount. and diverse However, diabetes It is a disease caused by abnormal

The more you need to take good care of your lungs.

Why? the older The more you need to take good care of your lungs. Interesting facts: importance of lungs The lungs have two main functions. One serves to receive oxygen from the air into the body. Which your body needs oxygen to use in various processes within the

You need to start taking care of your health

Why ? You need to start taking care of your health according to your age right now. 1. It can use as a guideline or plan for preventing the health of yourself and your loved ones and family members appropriately for each individual. And most importantly, it